In 1964 the 820th Ordnance Company was based at Ft. Benning Georgia in support of
the 2nd Infantry Division, the 197th Infantry Brigade and the 11th Air Assault
Division. The 820th had the responsibility of providing ammunition receiving, storage,
maintenance, repair and issuance of all ammunition requirements for these Divisions.
Upon the recommissioning of the 11th Air Assault Division to the 1st Air Cavalry
Division in 1965, the 820th began preparations for deployment to Viet Nam. They
departed in July 1965 arriving at Qui Nhon harbor August 27, 1965. While unloading
the ship the container which held all of the units weapons was dropped overboard by
the Navy. The Company moved from Qui Nhon to the Phu-Thi Valley and established
a new base there along with a large transportation unit. Weapons fire went on
throughout this period that the 820th was without any weapons or defenses.
Approximately two weeks later the first major elements of the 1st Air Cavalry Division
arrived at Qui Nhon harbor and were met by members of the 820th. They lived in
pup-tents on bare ground for a considerable time while they prepared a large
ammunition dump for the requirements of the 1st Air Cavalry and other commands
based in the central coast and highlands. This unit provided support to a degree
almost unparalleled in U.S. Army history, moving a staggering amount of
ammunition until it departed Viet Nam in 1970. This unit was among a very few
Ordnance support units to ever receive the
Meritorious Unit Commendation three
820th History in Viet Nam
Ft Benning 1965